Cooker Hood exhaust/duct
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Cooker Hood exhaust/duct

by AzK » Wed Sep 08, 2021 5:30 pm


I purchased a Candy CCE116/1X and I wanted some advice on the ducting/exhaust. I read the manual that said it requires a 150mm duct, which is fine.

The problem I have is the hood will go against an internal wall (see pic) and the only bit of external wall is to the far left of the hood. I have an added complication that there is a support beam in the way.

I have considered putting the ducting into the ceiling and then across to the beam, then shoot down (into a cabinet) and then across into another cabinet and then out the wall. Please see the image I have put together which hopefully illustrates the path for the duct.

I am trying to avoid having the duct/exhaust visible, hence why it is initially going up into the ceiling and then down again.

My question is around whether this is fine and if the cooker hood and ducting will still have sufficient suction with the angles and bends I am proposing?

Any help you can give around this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Cooker hood.jpg
Cooker hood.jpg

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Re: Cooker Hood exhaust/duct

by stoneyboy » Sat Sep 11, 2021 10:57 pm

Hi azk
Presumably you will have wall units to the side of the cooker hood. If this is right, suggest you use 6” flexible ducting which will have smoother bends than rigid ducting.
The duct will not be visible above wall cupboards.
Regards S

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