Covering facia with plastic, leave a gap or not?
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Covering facia with plastic, leave a gap or not?

Post by Kawazuki » Tue Sep 26, 2023 2:31 pm

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Hi folks.

I have some very tired old wooden facia boards on a porch and rather than repaint them I thought it might be better to fit plastic facias. The boards are not rotten, more like they are de-laminating. There is plenty thickness and strength left in them to take screws to fix plastic boards. You can see that my neighbours have done roughly what I am thinking of doing with their side of the porch.

Which of the two options below is better?
(1) do what my neighbours have done and fix the board hard against the existing facia. But this might not be a good idea as it would trap dampness in.
(2) use a deeper board, extended up so that it sit on top of the aluminium rim thing above the existing facia, with the top of the facia board at the same height as the top of the aluminium rim thing. Then where the plastic facia covers the wooden facia leave an air gap (open at the bottom), so that any dampness or water that gets in has a chance to dry out.

The roof itself is a big tray made of what looks like fibreglass, over 40 years old. I don't want to go disturbing it because I reckon it will crack really easily (which has happened to over houses in the street).
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