Cracks in mortar of French farm house
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Cracks in mortar of French farm house

Post by jonboy2000 » Sun Mar 21, 2021 3:27 am

Facade overview - Copy.JPG
crack sundial cropped.jpg
I have put in an offer for this old stone farmhouse in the French alps. I’m slightly concerned about the cracks in the building. I believe the house was built in 1916 and the façade was rendered in 1978.
The façade is South facing receiving a lot of sun. The property is also at 1000m in altitude so there is a fair amount of snow and cold temperatures in the winter.
I took an English builder around with me when viewing the property (I will take a stone mason at some point). The builder suggested the sections highlighted in the photos could possibly be repointed but may need to be rebuilt. My main concern is the crack on the right of the picture. The builder suggested that subsidence is rare in the alps as most properties were built on bed rock.
My main questions (whilst difficult to be completely sure viewing photos) is do you think the cracks are a major worry (worst case underpinned)/ the areas would need to be rebuilt or just repointed? What would be a very ball park figure to do this? I am guessing that the façade was rendered as a quicker and simpler way than repointing the area.
The East and West face are in pretty good shape. On the small area of North facing wall (the rest is covered by a barn that backs onto the property) there is another crack (The last picture).
Any thought and advice would be appreciated. I could only submit 4 photos
Thanks Jon
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