Cracks in Render on Chimney Stack and Firewall
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Cracks in Render on Chimney Stack and Firewall

by canadianscot86 » Thu Jul 13, 2023 12:44 pm

Hi all,

Just had scaffolding put up to give access to roof as we had some water ingress in the loft space. Have located a tear in the flashing, but also seen what looks like some questionable previous repairs to the chimney stack/firewall. The cracks in the render that have been "repaired" have a grey silicon I can pretty much peel away. Any idea what this would have been?

IMG_834BE607FD1E-1 Large.jpeg

Also a rather large crack between the hip ridge and chimney stack.

IMG_1548 Medium.jpeg

What's my best option for repair? Re-render the whole thing? Someone also mentioned Acropol + as an option but I've seen varying opinions, although it seems to be on at least half the houses near me!


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