Crashed AEG WS1700S Angle Grinder?
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Crashed AEG WS1700S Angle Grinder?

by ksor » Sun May 13, 2018 8:23 am

I have a problem with my AEG WS1700S angle grinder - it blows the fuses !

I used it to cut some tiles and then it suddenly stoped and smelled no good - some "toasted" component, I thought.

I took it apart and the coil and rotor looks as new - nothing here is burned for sure !

The faulty component is a sort of condensator with 3 leads - two black across the power and one white from somewhere in the stator coil.

The two BLACK ones are shorted (that's why it blows the fuses, I think) and there is no contact from each of the black to the white lead.

The machine itself and the component has been discontinued ;-((

The component looks like shown below.

I can see the machine has not been used very much in its life time so I want to replace the component - maybe build it from other condensators - but how ?
Do you know where I can get such a "vintage component" OR how I can sort of "work around it" by "building" one with caps ?

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