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crimping T&E

by puttyinyahand » Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:39 pm

Hi again guys, there are a few posts which breeze on this topic but don't quite cover the whole angle so after your giant knowledge...

Crimping or joining 2.5mm T&E, firstly what is the best way to join the cable. Can you use the red, blue, yellow crimps that are ratcheted together with the tool to join or are there special 240v crimps available.

Secondly, If I was to extend a ring main or move plug sockets on a wall and moved or extended the cable from the original socket using crimps, or what ever you guys suggest.... can the joined cables then be covered by a fixed unit or cupboard or filled in with plaster, or do they always have to be left accesible???
Thanks again for your time


by ericmark » Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:22 am

Using crimp connectors blue for 2.5mm using a proper ratchet crimping pliers is permissible as long as also consideration is given to insulation and physical retention there are little boxes with cable grips or even wrap with self amalgamating tape and using some cable clips also Hager make special boxes with spring retention device instead of screws which are also allowed to be buried in a wall. But no junction box using screws can be made inaccessible. Of course you should always test after using a proper earth loop impedance tester to ensure no errors.

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