Damage on unit due to heat from oven - Fitting heat deflector to fix?
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Damage on unit due to heat from oven - Fitting heat deflector to fix?

by Louise_thorn » Fri Oct 09, 2015 2:10 pm

Hi I wonder if anyone can help.

We bought a kitchen three years ago from Benchmarx along with all new appliances, which our builder fitted.

This includes an eye level double zanussi oven which sits above a drawer unit. We've recently noticed that the top casing of the drawer unit is warping due to heat damage from the oven. We've spoken to a kitchen fitter and they mentioned a heat deflector should have been fitted.

I've contacted zanussi and they said its not something they sell. I've also gone back to Benchmarx since they planned and sold us the kitchen along with the appliances. But they said its something the builder should have fitted which is rather odd as when we asked Benchmarx about heat deflectors, all three people in their sales showroom didn't know what one was, so how would our builder especially since they didn't supply one and apparently they don't even stock them.

Anyone had this issue before? Benchmarx are not being very helpful.

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Re: Damage on unit due to heat from oven - Fitting heat deflector to fix?

by diydoctor6 » Tue Dec 22, 2015 11:59 am

We have not come across this issue before, and it sounds very frustrating.

The first question is, how close is the oven to the draw unit?

I would find out what the Zanusi recommend and ensure that you comply with this. Assuming that you do, they don't stipulate that you need a heat deflector is needed, and you comply with their fitting guidelines, then you might be well served directing some performance related questions at Zanusi about your model of oven.

Heat Detectors generally are used in bespoke kitchens where space is very tight and as such are made to measure by the fitter. This is not very common at all.

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