Damp in Pelmet in Orangery
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Damp in Pelmet in Orangery

by consprblem » Thu Aug 11, 2022 7:01 pm

Hi there,

A few years ago we had a conservatory built by a local company. It is closer to being an Orangery with an Ultraframe Pelmet running round it.

We've had an issue since it's build. In one corner of the room, the corner exposed into the garden (rear right if looking out from the house), we get water coming through the pelmet plasterboard.

The company who fit it have been out several times, had the glass off and checked all seals.

When they first came out all the insulation was also soaking wet but they were unable to find a source of any leak.

We've done several hose tests at different angles and not found a way to demonstrate that water is coming in from outside.

Last year we found out that the company had switched to foil backed plasterboard after our installation had taken place, apparently due to issues like this. So we agreed with them that it could be due to this that was causing moisture to get through. The company ripped out all the plasterboard and refitted it earlier this year.

However, the issue has come back again. They were out last week but couldn't find the cause again, and today I've looked and it's got worse - this time with a circular patch coming through - which I suspect may have been a test by the company with placing some sort of object in there to see what happens (without telling me).

The room is well insulated and in winter we have the underfloor heating on. There is no sign of condensation against any of the windows.


I've just gone back to them again but getting really frustrated with the back and forth - the conservatory had a 10 year guarantee against it.

Has anyone seen a similar problem to this and any known solution?

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