Damp inside conservatory and water damage to plasterboard
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Damp inside conservatory and water damage to plasterboard

by PJA190 » Mon Jan 03, 2022 7:51 pm

Hi All

We have recently bought a house. And noticed a bit of a 'patch repair' on one of the walls in the conservatory. Thought nothing of it, especially as the survey came back a-ok.

Alas. We have been away for a week and come back to horrific mould/damp on one of the conservatory brick walls.
Gentle leaning against the plasterboard I've managed to puncture through to see the inner brick.

On the outside, I can see that rainwater is running down a specific part of the wall, about 2/3 up, and then rather running off the curve of the render, it 'appears' to be running underside (photo below)

1. The plasterboard is in such bad shape it will need removing and starting again. Whilst annoying, the plasterboard was already crumbling in places, so was always going to need to be replaced prior to decorating.
2. The outside, I'll clean the gutters this week, as there are some large drops of water forming on the underside of the gutters in this specific place.
3. Regarding the render runoff, it does not appear to curve out as much as the rest of the conservatory. How do I fix that?
4. And any potential damage to the brickwork. Do I need a damp specifical or brick/construction company to resolve?

Kind Regards

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Re: Damp inside conservatory and water damage to plasterboard

by stoneyboy » Wed Jan 05, 2022 10:42 pm

Hi pja190,
Without a photo it is difficult to imagine the outside issue.
If the conservatory is single skin masonry it’s better that you use something more damp tolerant than plasterboard.
Regards S

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