Dark wood stain over white primer??
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Dark wood stain over white primer??

Post by Chaz11 » Tue Nov 02, 2021 7:27 pm

This is a weird one.

A mistake has been made, and a dark oak satin woodstain on a door, which was flaking etc, has been sanded down and mistakenly primed with a white water based undercoat - the idea was to turn the door white - however, the door needs to remain wooden looking. Currently, this first coat of primer does not fuller cover, so the satinwood and wood grain is still in evidence.

Can this mistake be rectified without sanding the whole lot down again?

Or has someone found that dark oak stain will cover the water based white (seems very unlikely).

This was all due to an error in communication.

Thanks for any thoughts on this. Not really expecting any magic answers, but you never know, without ever having come across this particular situation, there might be some unknown I don't know about.


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