Decking Advice About Decking Risers or Using Posts?
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Decking Advice About Decking Risers or Using Posts?

by theblarney » Tue Jun 02, 2020 11:45 pm


Being in lockdown I seem to be tackling jobs where I might get someone in to do and decking is now one of them.

One question I do have is whether I should either use decking risers or dig holes and postcrete posts?

The part of the garden that the decking is going to be placed is not level at all but the slope is next to nothing either so i could just dig down 50mm and get it level but reading may different sites some say to use posts and other just say use the risers on paving slabs.

Also, if i do go for risers and i place these on the outside frame, will they not slightly stick out of the fascia boards?



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