Decking Advice ?
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Decking Advice ?

by sargan » Sun May 05, 2013 7:51 pm

Bought all my boards for decking while Wickes had a 40% discount offer in place .... now time to get on with it.

The 'idea' being to end up with :
I bought the "Decking construction plans ebook ... and have turned this sketch into a proposed plan.
The manual advised 150 joists at 400 centres when boards run at 90 deg, and reducing centres to 275mm when boarding diagonal ..(reason- to keep fixings at 400 centres)
I have drawn up as following layout ...

The left hand side originally I was going to use joist front to back .. but at 3.5m long pretty sure these would be too much of a span for 150mm.
So thought about a support beam running left to right of 150 x 50 ... then the joist run from front to that and same for back size of joist span then reduced to under 1.8m which should be OK.
Using 150 x 50 for the joists ... around perimeter again 150 x 50 ... there will be some 150 x 50mm spacers then a 100 x 50 outer ring, this has 2 purpose ... it allows me to fit a 100mm wide horizontal trim around edge of deck .. and creates a bit of a shadow / offset hiding the 150mm joist & concrete pads.
I will fit a fascia onto this 100 x 50 ... maybe a piece of deck board, or maybe just plain 100 x 25 or similar.
Construction is in effect:

Couple of Q's:

Posts will be 100x100 resting on concrete pads .... arranged these so no more than 1800 apart .. is that OK ? ... don't want more than I need (or less)
4 of the posts come up though deck to become the 4 corner pots for roofed section.

Not sure what to use to fix posts to pads ... guess I don't need to fix all of them, maybe corners and couple in middle .... could use

Is my assumption of front to back joist correct ... i.e. 3,5m would be to long and having them connect to middle 'left to right' beam correct ?
If so the Q is then .... do you typically skew nail joist together ... or use mini joist hangers : possibly with a skew nail at top
looked at longer hangers ..

but if these are folded over top of joist it will stop boards lying flat.
I could use something like this ...

But open to suggestions.

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