Didn't get building regs
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jane compton
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Didn't get building regs

by jane compton » Sun May 27, 2007 6:17 pm

We had an existing loft laid out as one very large bedroom which had been there since house built circa 1900. Last year we had it divided into 3 beds and a loo. it was done by a guy who does many true loft conversions and he did it to the same/right spec. However I thought cos it was an existing loft bedroom and was just a matter of redividing space (no old walls were changed) that we didn't need permission or inspections. Am I right? if not - what shall I do?

Thanks v much

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If you did not make a Building Regulations Application...

by bonejs » Tue May 29, 2007 12:04 am

If you did not make a Building Regulations Application... You can apply "late" for a Regularisation Certificate.

Alas this costs 2.5% more than an early application. But with a regularisation certificate, you will be able to sell, mortgage or re-mortgage your property. Without a Building Regulation "completion Certificate or a "late" regularisation certifiate" you can do #known of these.

Your local Council will have the applicatrion form and a guidance note on the late procedure.

If you split up[ a loft space into more than one room then you need to show that the maens of escape is still adequate to all rooms.

John Bone
(Building Control Surveyor since 1974)


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