Digging Hole for Fence Panel Post Near House
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Digging Hole for Fence Panel Post Near House

Post by maurom » Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:44 am


My plan was to put 9' concrete posts and 6' fence panels (that I already bought), starting from the house wall.
I dug a few holes but then I realized digging near the house wall was much much harder, I bought a 22kg breaker and an SDS drill with 1m long drill bit just for that and with about 12 hours of hard work across 4 weekends I managed to dig only about 36cm deep. The recommended depth for 9' post is about 2' 6'' I believe. The neighbours are unhappy because of the noise as well.

Originally there was a custom wooden structure bolted to the wall and fixed to a wooden post concreted 1foot away from the wall and to another wooden post 3' away from the wall.

Do you any any advice?

I also posted an advert on mybuilder but noone wanted to pick up the job, so I guess i have to find out how to handle this

Regards, Mauro
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