Dimmer switches - quandry
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Dimmer switches - quandry

by pmclough » Fri Dec 05, 2008 1:53 pm

Can anybody help ?

I have had some low voltage downlighters installed in my kitchen, theres a set of 8 attached to one switch and a set of 4 on another switch
( on the same double light switch). I want to dim these but the problem I have is that the set of 8 lights can be operated by another switch in the kitchen which is also a double switch, the second switch operates the lights under the kitchen cupboards.

Hope that makes sense!

Do I have to get a master and slave dimmer ? or can I just get one dimmer that will operate both the set of 8 and set of 4 Lights on one dimmer ?

This will be 2 gang 2 way or 2 gang one way ? Can you have one dimmer operating at one end and a normal light switch at the other to turn off and on ?

Can this be done ?

Now this may sound silly but Im unsure:

If I need a Master dimmer for the set of 8 lights and 4 lights , and a Slave dimmer to operate the set of 8 lights from the other end , can I get a dimmer with a switch on as well as the dimmer ? One would be to operate the set of 8 lights on the dimmer and the switch would be to operate the kitchen cupboard lights ?

This is my first visit to the site by the way, good site!


by ericmark » Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:08 pm

I am assuming you mean extra low voltage i.e. around 12 volt in which case there are leading and laging phase chopping dimmers and some transforms need one type and other transformers need the other type and you will need to get details off the transformers and do some research to find out which type you require.

As to two way switching only one two way switch is replaced with a dimmer the other remains as standard two way switch. Either two way switch can be replaced.

In general I would not fit two way switches as tungsten bulbs are being phased out and I would look at splitting up the circuits instead. I have now removed all my dimming switches so I can use low energy bulbs. There are dimmable low energy but they cost a lot more.


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