DIY Patio extension to new build property
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DIY Patio extension to new build property

by Renzakuken » Fri Jun 04, 2021 12:42 pm


So having done, what I hope, is enough research can I just ask for one of you to check my planning is spot-on for a patio extension to our new build.

1. Plan the layout, use the slabs as an example, then mark out with lines the dig
2. Sort the fall distance, away from the house (1/80?) so water drains correctly.
3. Dig down 180mm (100m for MOT1, 50mm for mortar, 20mm for Slabs)
4. mark with pegs the correct fill height, to include the fall away from the house
5. Fill 100mm with MOT1, meeting the pegs, then compact and repeat once more, checking the fall
6. Mix mortar; 6 parts sharp sand, 1 part plasticiser & 1 part water. We're aiming for a moosey texture that doesn't have water gusshing out when it's squeezed.
7. 50mm mortar eveniny spread, using a trowel to run rivvets/lines through to find any stones or clumps.
8. Using a paintbrush wet the back of the slab, place onto the mortar, use a mallet to knock it true and check with spirit level.
9. Rinse/Repeat number 8, keeping the fall level as we go
10. Leave to dry for 24hours, then fill any gaps with mortar using a pointing tool

Is there anything i've missed and is the mortar mix acceptable?

I've got a 3.5x3 meter area to fill with MOT1 and Mortar. If we're looking at a 100m fill of this stuff then it looks like I'd need enough to fill just over 1tone. Can anyone give me a rough idea of the weight/number of bags i'd need if i got this bit wrong too?

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Re: DIY Patio extension to new build property

by stoneyboy » Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:52 pm

Hi ranzakuken
You plan looks fine but you will probably need 2 x 0.6cum crane bags of mot and 1 of sharp sand.
Regards S

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