Does old Coving Need to be Sealed Once it's Stripped?
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Does old Coving Need to be Sealed Once it's Stripped?

by reno_gal » Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:55 pm

Question for any old school plaster experts out there

I'm currently renovating a 1890 sandstone tenement in scotland (learning as i go).
i stripped the moderately ornate original coving using steam. I stripped the several layers of paint, a thickish greybrown clay like layer which had bunged up all the intricates and stopped when I hit a brownish firmer layer which i assume was the coving itself
most of it appears to be in pretty good condition - a few cracks but mostly intact.

i am going for a rustic look and quite like the bare brown coving as it is. (all the tradies think i'm mad)
but i am wondering if it requires sealing?
the few people i have asked say yes but no one seems to have a reason why other than thats the way its always done - but does it actually need to be or is that just the norm?
and any suggestions on product options which would do so without loosing it all to solid white paint again.
- i guess i could do a watery white wash - but is that really any different to as it is bare?


Many Thanks

welsh brickie
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Re: Does old Coving Need to be Sealed Once it's Stripped?

by welsh brickie » Sat Nov 23, 2013 8:12 pm

coving was made with lime putty so it does not really require sealing, I would leave it and just paint it as normal

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