Does This Quote for a 5 x 3 Conservatory Seem a Fair Price?
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Does This Quote for a 5 x 3 Conservatory Seem a Fair Price?

Post by bish31 » Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:21 pm


I have just received a quote for a 5 x 3 conservatory.

Please bare in mind this is only for the following.


Brick wall on footings.

Concrete slap floor.

1. Foundation L+M £3’350

Foundations to be 460mm wide Gen 1 concrete taken down to solid
undisturbed strata thought to be Boulder Clay a minimum of 1.000m deep.
Final depth of foundations to be agreed with local authority on site.
Foundations not to impose any loads on new or existing drainage.

2. Wall erection L - £1’850 M - £1’977

Wall construction to be of 106mm face brickwork to match existing, 75mm cavity with
Kingspan Kooltherm K8, stainless steel wall ties 900mm horizontally and 450mm
vertically staggered. 100mm Durox Superblocks internally finished with two coat
light weight plaster. Felt DPC to BS 743 150mm above ground level and lapped to
existing. 287mm cavity brickwork below DPC. Blocks to be bonded in accordance
with manufacturer's instructions using 1:1:6 mortar mix with all necessary
expansion and contraction joints. Wall insulation to overlap floor insulation by
150mm. Use Furfix profiles to bond new walls to existing.

3. Concrete floor L - £1’200 M - £1’100

Ground floor construction to be 38rnm sand and cement screed on 100mm Gen 1
concrete on 1000g polythene vapour barrier of 80mm Celotex on 1200g polythene
vapour barrier linked to felt DPC in external walls on 150mm blinded well
consolidated hardcore. Any drains passing under proposed building to be suitably
protected with concrete lintels inserted where any walls pass over.

Does this seem a fair price?

Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Does This Quote for a 5 x 3 Conservatory Seem a Fair Price?

Post by diydoctor6 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:10 am

You should always get 3 quotes for larger jobs, so you can compare and understand what you are being charged for. It is almost impossible for someone to check a quote without being given the chance to come and see the work you need doing (and getting the full brief that you have given to the builder).

You can find builders that have been vetted and are local here:

Top Tip; Use a contract. Download this one for free:

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