Door Frame Repair and now Door not Fitting Properly
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Door Frame Repair and now Door not Fitting Properly

by adamphall » Mon May 22, 2017 3:12 pm

First time posting here and really in need of help.
I had an exterior door frame that led to a shed built under my dinning room.
Some of the door frame and wood around it was rotting so I decided to cut it out and replace it. After replacing it I was attempted to reinstall the door (had to be removed to get at some rotten wood underneath). The bottom two hinge cuttouts were never touched but the upper one had to be replaced. After screwing the door back in to the existing holes on the bottom and the newly cut ones on the top I realized the door didn't seem to close on the bottom corner. It over hangs about 4 cms. I am not sure what is causing this as i never moves the hinges from the original position or did any real work on the outside of the frame. Any idea what would cause this?

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