double hallway switch
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double hallway switch

Post by kidd » Tue Feb 03, 2009 2:56 pm

I need help wiring a switch, it is a double switch in my hallway, which is used for the hallway and landing ,
i have 2 reds and 2 blacks a short link wire, and a grey wire which i think is a spur to a light added when hallway was extended.
please help :cry:

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Post by acsimpson » Fri Feb 06, 2009 12:04 pm

What colour is the short link wire?
Are there any earth wires (usually a green and yellow or green sleeve would be over the end of them)?
Is there any tape round the end of any of the cables to mark them as switch cables?

I'm not a qualified spark, but I assume that one of the lights (probably landing) will have a second switch upstairs. If that is the case then I think the 2 reds will be live supplies coming in from the lights, the blacks will be the switched lives and the grey will be a second switched live to operate the 2 switch light. I'm guessing again but the link wire sounds like it should be an earth connector.

Depending on the setup in your house The 2 red cables may well be from different circuits on your fuse board; one for upstairs lights and one for downstairs.

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Post by singer » Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:11 pm

I think what you've got here is standard wiring for a hallway and 2 way switch to the upstairs landing.
If you have 2 twin cables at the hall switch, one will be from the hall light, the red being the feed(permanently live wire) and the black will be the switched live for the hall light. You need to establish which one of the 2 twins this is. Test with test lamps if you have them between earth and each of the 2 reds in the 2 twins. At a push you could use neon tester but may not get reliable result. Touch neon to each of the reds with finger on metal cap of tester. The one that gives the brightest light or the only light is the permanent live. Once you've established this proceed as follows after isolating supply:-
1. Connect the red into L1 on one of the switches together with the small link cable. (We'll call this switch one)
2. Connect black to L2 of same switch and mark this cable with red or brown tape as it is not a neutral but a switched live!
3. Connect the other end of link cable into L1 of other switch.(Switch two)
4. Connect red and black from the other twin cable into L2 & L3 of switch two(doesn't matter which colour goes into which connection) and again mark the black wire with red or brown tape to indicate it is a live wire.

Thats the standard wiring of the hall and landing lights complete but theres still one cable not connected.
I think this may be a switch wire to additional light in hall which you say was added later so logically it should go with the black wire in L2 of switch one(Hall light switch) and will then come on with the hall light.
Try that and I think it should work but remember to stay safe - never try altering connections with power on.
Good luck.


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