Double oven and hob
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Double oven and hob

by russellfl » Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:42 am

Hi, I am trying to plan out a new kitchen that will have a double built in oven and sepeate hob (both electric). At the moment my old freestanding cooker has just one 10mm cable fed via the connector unit. Will I need to have a second 10mm cable installed from the CU as there isn't a spare slot for one and if so would there have to be a second connector unit or is there one that would take both cables?


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by sparx » Tue Oct 20, 2009 7:14 pm

Hi, this has been much debated on various forums and many ideas abound.
My thoughts are that as you have a 10mm2 cable capable of supplying at least 45A as long as the run is not too far from consumer unit it will suffice for total load allowing for diversity (Which is allowed for a household cooking appliance, before some one questions it).
The problem as you have identified is the different loadings for each item, and therefore fusing for each.
My current thinking [no pun intended] is to get the Part P leckie doing the work to fit a small 2way consumer unit in an adjacent cupboard, suitable fused to the rating of each, hob may need 20/32A , ovens together may need 16/20A.
Connections to devices could go via local isolator switches.
I'm sure others have other ideas,
regards SPARX

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by ericmark » Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:36 pm

Sparx is as normal spot on. What I would add is where the oven is less than 13A (3Kw) then you can use a fused connection unit (FCU). Supply cable to FCU must be less than 3m unless you use 10mm cable.

There are cooker connection units made specially to take two cables.

Also induction hobs because of the boost feature have no diversity and likely will need there own supply.

I keep intending when on holiday to look and see if abroad you can get 16A FCU but once I get there I end up enjoying myself instead. They would be handy for double ovens.

But at end of the day the guy signing the paper work has the final call so I would talk to electrician doing the job.

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