Dreadful Damp in 1930's 3 Bed Semi With Injected Cavity Wall Insulation
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Dreadful Damp in 1930's 3 Bed Semi With Injected Cavity Wall Insulation

by bertyrubble » Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:46 pm

Hi Guys,

Looking for advise on damp, live in a 3 bed semi built around 1930s, it just missed solid wall and had cavity wall insulation injected, neighbouring council houses however have solid wall insulation.
My house has a cement render, the house was already rendered when I bought it in 2014 but the gable end had mostly fallen off so we applied some cement render to it, only 1 level.
In rain the house appears we, i'll try and upload an image.
The windows are constantly condensed regardless of whether we open windows or not, the bay window usually has a puddle, all the gloss paint has blown and this morning I used nearly half a kitchen roll to absorb it.
I'm wondering what's causing the issue.
I suspect it's cement render holding moisture, old brick absorbing it and the cement render not letting it dry out externally, only place for moisture to go is internally, all in all causing a cold bridge and this is why all windows are heavily condensed.
The solution being remove ALL render and reapply a lime based render for breathability.
I'm not builder though so want professional advise before doing anything extreme.
I'm guessing a water sealant wouldn't cure it? logic being it would stop the render holding moisture to pass through the brick?

welsh brickie
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Re: Dreadful Damp in 1930's 3 Bed Semi With Injected Cavity Wall Insulation

by welsh brickie » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:49 pm

Condensation forms because of lack of ventilation, you can have trickle vents installed in the windows, and airbricks installed with sliding plastic hit and miss vents, internally, installed in the walls of each room. This will allow the home to breathe and stop condensation.
If you are experiencing damp walls then you may have to have the insulation sucked out

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