Dusty and Bumpy Garage Floor - Advise Please
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Dusty and Bumpy Garage Floor - Advise Please

by AdamD123 » Wed Feb 15, 2023 3:45 pm


This is my first post on the forum, so please go easy! We recently moved into our first house and I am after advice on my garage floor.

I have a dusty and quite bumpy garage floor. I mainly want to stop the dusty floor and then paint the floor to finish and make the garage much neater, as I plan to use the area as a garage gym.

I don't find the information as straight forward as I thought it would be, in regards to best products to use, some people mention sealing or PVA first and others disagree and state self-level won't adhere to certain sealers. Some people mention not self-levelling and going straight for an Epoxy resin/coating. Can anyone advise on the best method and products to use?

Kind regards,

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Re: Dusty and Bumpy Garage Floor - Advise Please

by stoneyboy » Thu Feb 16, 2023 10:37 pm

Hi adamd123,
Provided you vacuum and dampen the floor self levelling compound should be fine. If you are going to paint it do not use a levelling compound with latex. If you do paint the floor the garage will no longer be suitable for cars.
Regards S

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