Earthing a new light?
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Earthing a new light?

by DevonSpeed » Wed Jan 14, 2009 2:26 pm


Thanx for all the advice last time, When i'm wiring in the new ceiling light into the old ceiling rose do i need to earth the new light? The ceiling rose is earthed so do i just do like for like with the live and neutral? and require no earting wire to the light exept the ceiling rose!

Thank you

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by kbrownie » Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:20 pm

Some light fitting are double insulated and require no earth, a symbol that looks like a square inside a square will indicate the fitting is double insulated, these fittings a generally plastic.
Metal fittings do need to be earthed and that fitting should come with a suitable terminal to connect an earth to.


by ericmark » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:43 pm

It will depend on the fitting.
With a double insulated fitting which will have two squares one inside the other to show double insulated you don't require an earth.
Unless this sign is on the fitting then you do require an earth.
The standard ceiling rose with standard lamp holder would not require the earth to go any further than ceiling rose. But fancy metal fitting or florescent units in the main would require an earth. Look at to see what a double insulated sign looks like. It is also called Class II.

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