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elecrical certificates

by giisec1 » Tue Dec 30, 2008 11:36 am

I have just had a garage conversion and consevatory fitted by a builder. the work is now completed and building regs inspector requires a electric certificate. The builder is gone and the electrician has told me that although he is qualified he is not registered to issue a certificate and that the builder knew this and didnt inform me. What are my options?


by ericmark » Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:59 am

There are two certificates you need. One is an installation certificate which if the electrician is qualified he can issue. The second is a completion certificate which as he says he needs to be a member of one of the schemes to be able to issue but as long as you have the installation certificate you will most likely get from the local council building control.
The same thing happened to my dad. Any building work will normally need some permission from the LABC and in most cases the builder will arrange this although it is really you who is responsible. This should be done before the builder starts and because the whole lot is often lumped together it is common that it will include the Part P registration as well. The builder may have done all this! The LABC will normally request to see the work at certain stages. Once complete he will request to see the installation certificate issued by the electrician and he can then either accept it or he can re-test at the LACB expense if they don't believe it is correct.
Then the LABC will issued a completion certificate which together with the installation certificate you need to keep so insurance or house buyers can view.
When it happened to me it seems the builder had not informed the council and the building inspector arrived and looked at the work. In our case he saw we had taken over when builder had done a bunk and how we had added missing lintels and he asked to see installation certificate which I completed and sent him a copy and a completion certificate was issued.
It seemed because both my parents were disabled we go it free of charge.
It would help others if you relate as to how you get on. I know the LABC did try to contact the builders and when we tried to trace them they were no longer trading.

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