Electric Oven Above Floor Mounted Potterton Gas Boiler?
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Electric Oven Above Floor Mounted Potterton Gas Boiler?

by Lima7 » Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:30 pm


I have an old floor mounted potterton gas boiler in my kitchen, I'm planning to fit a new kitchen, and would like to put a built in electric oven immediately above the boiler. I've been cautioned that this may not be allowed, but I'm unable to get a definitive answer.

What I've read so far suggests that I can't put a gas boiler above an electric oven in case the heat from the oven heats up the gas supply pipe to the boiler - this sounds fair enough. But what about the other way round? is it really forbidden to put an oven above a boiler? and if so why. Currently the boiler is immediately below a work surface with only a 2 inch gap, the plans I have would not actually involve reducing the amount of ventilation, so I can't actually see any safety issues with what I want to do.


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