Electric oven wiring
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Electric oven wiring

by foggy70 » Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:29 am


I am reasonably new here so any help or advice is very much appreciated!

I am currently fitting a kitchen and we have a stand alone gas oven/hob which is to be replaced with a gas hob and electric oven. My question is in regard to the electric oven!!

I have read various things about wiring for an oven (I don't plan on wiring it my self, just running the wiring in). From what I understand, the oven will need its own fuse with wiring running to a double pole cooker switch! Is this right??

If the above is correct, what kind of wire do I need to run (basically what would I ask for in the shop)? The oven will be about 4-5 metres from the fusebox!!

Any help would be GREAT..........I am running the wiring myself to try and save ssome cash as I can see it being a bloody fiddley job as the wiring will have to go through 2 roof areas and down a channel in the wall!

Thanks to anyone that helps!!



by ericmark » Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:28 pm

All depends on size of the oven many can be run from a fused connection unit if under 3Kw. If running in cable you may want to make it future proof.
To work in a kitchen requires Part P and electricians are not allowed to sign for work they have not designed and monitored the installation i.e. they need to view at what we call first fix.
There are many options as far as cable goes and which is selected would depend on if it is run surface of buried in the wall and if RCD protection is fitted and size of oven. Also access may have a bearing on what is used.
Most common was 6mm twin and earth but under new regulations Ali-tube may be better. If the route seems hard there may be a better option like using SWA and running it outside.
I advise you ask who ever you want to do the work to plan the work and tell you what he will permit it is no good running in cable only to find the electrician you have selected does not like it and refuses to sign it off.
He will also most likely tell you where to get cable too.
Do get all details on oven first. Some manufactures stipulate maximum size of supply and well as minimum so always best to check first.

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