Erecting a clothes line post into existing concrete
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Erecting a clothes line post into existing concrete

by danz0l » Tue May 14, 2024 9:52 am

Morning everyone. Need some advice please.

So we want to put a clothes line, preferably a pulley system, one side attached to the house, the other side a pole. The issue is where we want to put it there is an existing concrete base that can't be removed. My thoughts were if there are any plates with collars I can use to firm fix to the concrete and that would allow me to bolt or somehow fix a pole into it. I would assume a scaffold pole firm fix it something. The fence isn't up to the job of holding wet washing so I don't know how to fix it any better without removal of the concrete which isn't really an option.

Failing that, a similar thing for a rotary line but with the collar being able to be screwed off when the line isn't needed to prevent a trip hazard.

Anyone any ideas ??

Appreciate any help and links to get me started as I'm pretty much drawing a blank at the moment.

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