Extending and renovating an existing barn conversion
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Extending and renovating an existing barn conversion

Post by worcesterbarnproject » Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:55 pm


Background: I would like some help with a dilema i am in at the moment. I would like to purchase a small barn conversion that was converted 22 years ago. The vendor at the time had permission to extend the existing footprint as it was deemed too small to live in. The origional barn had a kitchen added and a small bedroom added also. The additions were not allowed to rise to 2 storey and are 2/3 rds the hight of the barn. This means they cannot be used as second storey rooms which does not make sence in my eyes.

I would like to purchase the property, however i was told that even though the barn is not listed it has planning constraints on it. I was told that the foot print could not be extended (this is odd due to the fact it was allowed 22 years ago)

I was also told no structure could connect to the existing barn, meaning i could not extend as i want to. I would like to add one room to both storeys within keeping with the origional property. My intention would be to add the oak been extention and also to raise the roof hight of the additional structures added 22 years ago to the same hight as the existing barn roof height.

This would make it a decent size to raise a family in and grow old in, which is my intention.

Can any one help with advice on protocols and any shortcuts or work arounds that may help me be able to persue my dream.

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barn conversion

Post by welsh brickie » Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:26 pm

Make an appointment with the local planning officer and bring along your architect with a outline plan proposal.This is a basic drawing of your intensions to convert the barn, usually you can iron out a deal.

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