Extending exitsing concrete pad for garage
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Extending exitsing concrete pad for garage

by Andyalfa » Mon Dec 28, 2020 8:24 am

When we built our house 8 years ago, the pad for the garage was, with hind-site made to small. We had a temporary wood garage built due to my budget worries but when it’s worn out we’ll go over to a more substantial oak post garage to match the house (planning won’t be a problem - having built the house I know exactly what I can build where on this site).

The current pad is 18 by 25ft and it needs to be 19 -20ft by 28 - 30ft.

The current pad needs to be extended. I’m not minded to tear it up and start again. This is because of the topography of the existing pad site means it’s between 60cm to 1m of reenforced concrete.

My plan is to dig a l shape trench at one side and the front of the pad, put in 15cm of class 1.

I then propose to drill and epoxy in rebar at 20/30cm intervals (vertical / horizontal), shutter it. Then have concrete delivered to extend the base. Ideally this will be pumped concrete with the pipe passing through the base of an ancient hedge - otherwise the concrete trock as to enter my property and drive 60ft past the front of my house- whereas I’d prefer the concrete truck to stay on the road.

I am trying to think through the flaws in this plan before I go outside to start digging a trench. Any thoughts?

Many thanks.

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Re: Extending exitsing concrete pad for garage

by Spuggyfoot » Fri Jan 01, 2021 6:07 pm

None. Sounds perfect. I’ve poured concrete for 35 years mate and that is exactly what I would do.

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