Extension Company stalling on providing Building Regs paperwork.
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Extension Company stalling on providing Building Regs paperwork.

by Boyinabearsuit » Fri Jul 19, 2019 9:57 am

Looking for some advice.
We had a single story extension built onto the rear of our 1910 terraced house.

The building company separated it into 5 stages, each one signed off by a BCO.

Footing Pass
Floor and Damp Pass
Roof Structure Pass
Pre-Plaster Pass
Completion Sign-Off

We have also had a full rewire of the property and they have the EIC certificate.

We have asked for Building Regs paperwork from them but they are saying the BCO is waiting for fire doors in the property before providing this.

As the building company had nothing to do with the rest of the house I feel this is irrelevant. We’re not expecting to get the whole house signed off, just the extension.
My limited knowledge says we should definitely get Approval doc A, and possibly C, D, E, F, N, P

My concern is that it wasn’t signed off and they’re trying to stall us - they haven’t provided us with BCO details yet.

Can we get single Approval Documents or is it all or nothing with Building Regs?

Any/all help greatly appreciated :-)