Extension dipping with large dip near back door?
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Extension dipping with large dip near back door?

Post by Twildoo » Wed Apr 28, 2021 8:17 am


It’s my first time posting and I wanted some advice.

I moved into my new house 3 weeks ago. There has been issue after issue that was clearly hidden when I viewed the property (I know I could have paid for a full survey, by hindsight is a great thing)

The advice I’m after is for the extension on the back of the house, not only is it old, the windows are all blown, which was nicely hidden behind curtains when I viewed the house, I want to get new windows installed however there seems to be a dip near the door. I’m very worried now that it there might be an underlying issue, terrified that it might even fall down.

I will obviously get someone in to check it out, but money is a huge issue at the moment.

I’m attaching some pictures from the inside and outside. I’m hoping you will be able to see the dip.

Can anyone advise how dangerous this is and should I be concerned?
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Re: Extension dipping with large dip near back door?

Post by stoneyboy » Thu Apr 29, 2021 9:49 pm

Hi twildo
I suspect the extension was built with the varying fall on the roof. If you are having new windows the supplying company should be able to advise you.
Regards S

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