Extractor fans fail to kick in
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Extractor fans fail to kick in

by SimplyEif » Tue May 23, 2023 2:58 pm

Last year the extractor fans in my bathroom took longer and longer to kick in. I cleaned the vents in each one but this didn't make any difference.

Now the fans won't kick in at all, all you can hear is an electric hum but nothing else.

I asked an electrician and he mentioned it it was probably an issue with
the impeller pump being jammed(?!). Then quoted £240 quid to replace and fit.

Does this sound correct and, if so, is this a fair price?!?

Mr White
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Re: Extractor fans fail to kick in

by Mr White » Tue May 23, 2023 7:19 pm

Your average extractor fan does not have a pump.
One thing is for sure, no one on any forum has any idea what is wrong or how much it will cost, because we do not know where you are, and we do not know exactly what is wrong, so get another electrician to come round and look and quote.

(It may be a failed capacitor, can't see from here.)

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Re: Extractor fans fail to kick in

by ericmark » Thu May 25, 2023 1:12 am

Many fans have bearing which are sintered bronze that hold oil for an extended amount of time, but do wear out, and not cost effective to change them, so only option is fit a new fan.

However we can't be sure that is the case with yours, and an electricians call out charge varies area to area.

Some fans do have humidity sensors, and these can get covered with grease which will stop them working, I have never found a humidity sensor which works well, as until the fan runs it get very little air past the sensor, and once it runs you get loads of air past the sensor, so the sensor gets saturated which does it no good.

I know in a bathroom really you want the fan to run after you leave, but not seen one designed to do that, they do what Part L building regulations say they should, so turning on with lights and off 20 minutes after lights turned off is the norm.

Some fans have adjustments for how damp before they turn on, but we don't know make, model, or location so all is guess work.

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