Filling sunken “void” under stairs before self-levelling
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Filling sunken “void” under stairs before self-levelling

by ChrisPDiv » Tue Dec 05, 2023 7:04 pm

Evening all, I hope someone here can help me.

We are laying tiles in the hallway of our 1950s semi, and have decided to sort out the under-stairs area at the same time.

This has been used as a store cupboard (chuck-it-in-there-and-keep-doing-that-until-it-falls-on-you-when you-next-open-it job!) since we moved to the house.

I have recently emptied it, and removed the mdf “wall” and door that closed it off from the hallway.

The whole area is about 1” below the level of the hall floor. It is concreted, and relatively flat.

Could anyone advise me (a half-decent amateur carpenter, zero-experience builder!) on how best to bring it up to the same level as the hall floor, so the whole area can be self-levelled in one go? Or possibly point me towards another forum post or diy guide that would explain what and how I should do it?

Any helpful guidance would be much appreciated.

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Re: Filling sunken “void” under stairs before self-levelling

by stoneyboy » Wed Dec 06, 2023 10:51 pm

Hi chrispdiy,
Buy some coarse sharp sand and mix it with cement 4/5:1, add water to give a mix that just holds together, wet the floor and use the mix to bring the level up to the hall floor level. Allow the screed to set and dry and you can then apply your self levelling compound.
Regards S

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