Firefox Not Responding and Disc Openning Issues in Powerpoint
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Firefox Not Responding and Disc Openning Issues in Powerpoint

by billobach181 » Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:15 am

I have a Vaio Sony computer with Firefox and I keep getting the following message when I click on a new topic or go to another address etc -
"Firefox is not Responding"
Any views / advice as to a cure?

Second question - I have disc with Powerpoint Drawings which were made with Powerpoit 2003 version of Office xP 2003 but I cannot open them with Micosoft Office which came with my Windows 7. When I try to open the disc I get a message saying "files not compatible and cannot be opened" As I have a lot of wiring diagrams on the disc which I want to access how can I open it. Is there a way round it.
I am not a computer expert so don't really know my way these programs.
Any help would be appreciated.
PS I still have a copy of Widows XP 2003 which has Powerpoint on it.

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Re: Firefox Not Responding and Disc Openning Issues in Powerpoint

by JohnPhilips1987 » Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:42 pm

Noticed this post has been on here a while, but in case you're still looking for a possible fix, I'd say best thing to do is go into control panel in the start menu, click on installed programs, find Mozilla Firefox and uninstall it. Use Internet Explorer to re-download it and then reinstall it. It might just be that you've got a bad download of it or you've got some sort of bug happening on the version you have installed. Hopefully a reinstall will work. :)

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