Fitting single UPVC door - advice please
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Fitting single UPVC door - advice please

by proeto » Thu Aug 17, 2023 1:18 pm

Good afternoon - first time here...
I've done a lot of DIY but never fitted a upvc door.... and the more I read the more complex it seems to get !
It's for an old barn in France (I'm there now) - really old wooden back door has rotted .... intended to use original door-frame but found rot in that also.

The existing door is 930mm, entrance (from garden/patio) is 900mm.
Door-frame is 70x50mm with 15x35mm rebate.

The new upvc door (local - diy store "Leroy Merlin") is 850mm wide (900mm would mean cutting into stonework door-frame) 860mm with 'space'.

It's a patio door, the entrance-way is 350mm deep so not fitting sill.... have never seen any rain by the door.


1) As the new door is pre-hung will it still require the heel-and-toe routine ?

2) The new frame will need 35mm packing.
Do the shims go between the masonry and the packing or between the packing and the upvc ?

3) The door is 70mm deep.
An 8mm fixing screw at 35mm would be about 5mm away from the join between the wooden frame and the masonry.
Would it be better to just set the door back a bit to be away from this join ?
What sort of distance from the join ?

4 I intend using 120 x 8mm - these have the top section threaded for the plastic and the bottom section standard spiral thread.
The manufacturers recommend using a 5.5mm SDS if going directly into the masonry, or 8mm if using the standard 'Rawlplug' insert piece.
Any thoughts on this ?

5) With the door being a single double-glazed panel, could vibration from an SDS drill possibly cause cracking of the glass ?

6) What's the recommended sealant for upvc ....I know there is a forum for this, but hope someone who's "been there, seen it, done it" will post here.

Thanks in advance.

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