Flat roof of garage
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Flat roof of garage

by greengrass » Mon Nov 22, 2021 11:54 pm

Size of. Garage flat roof 32 x 10 feet app easy clear access :
The job: 1. to cut out and replace peice of osb about 3 x 2 feet
2. Applying top layer hot laid( under layer already on), ill health stopped work.
Materials supplied by me : Repair OSB board, top layer hot lay finish felt , use of my new gas gun and gas. So will be labour only.
However the father was indicating more leaks that i knew weren’t there as if to make his “Till “ bell ring louder. What he doesn’t know I’ve likely done more roof work than he has had hot dinners.
Q; What would fair labour cost be for above, I had to retire at 68 couldn’t do main pitched roof repairs. At 81 too unsteady now.

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