Fresh paint on fully cured plaster cracking
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Fresh paint on fully cured plaster cracking

by CrackedPainter » Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:04 pm

Hello everyone!

I’m hoping the forum's expertise can help me resolve this. It starting to drive me nuts!

So, we’ve had an extension done. Plasterer came in. I left it a week, plaster turned a light colour and looked set (as per internet pics). I then applied x1 mist coat (80% paint 20% water) of white Matt. Left to dry then another coat of white Matt. Then 2 coats of the following;
Ceiling - white,
1 wall - dark green,
3 walls - light green.

The ceiling and dark green wall - fine, no problems. 2 of the light green walls have patches of cracking on them, the patches are in the inside of the window frame and in a corner exactly where the walls meet.

The ones in the frame appeared after the first coat so I scraped them back to the plaster or white coat then re-applied the coats is taken off. Then I put a 2nd coat on and now new cracks in the corner have appeared and the previous ones have come back. What am I doing wrong?!?

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Re: Fresh paint on fully cured plaster cracking

by FridayPlayer » Thu Dec 02, 2021 6:33 pm


I was wondering if you found out what caused the problem?
We have a similar issue.

The room was newly plastered. We waited 2 weeks before applying the mist coat and then first coat of paint. Ceiling and lathe/plaster internal walls are ok, but the external wall has severe paint flaking.
This is a 1907 build house and external wall is not cavity.

We've tried a second time with 2x mist coats, but same result.

We don't know if it's temperature, or the plaster on that wall needs longer to dry. Any hints would be useful.


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