Gabions without compacted sub-base?
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Gabions without compacted sub-base?

by UnnaturalDisaster » Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:31 pm

I'm installing a 4m long retaining wall of gabion baskets in my garden. Each gabion is H: 1m, W: 1m, D: 0.45m, and they're being set in a trench of about 0.3m deep at the front, and 1m deep at the rear.

Currently they're unfilled, and sitting on an uncompacted layer of gravel atop the usual soil and rubble of a suburban back garden, but I've just found out that it's recommended they're put on a MOT1 compacted sub-base to prevent settling.

I fear I know what the answer to this will be, but should I haul them out again, dig out the gravel, and put in the proper base? Or will they be fine as they are?

Yours, despairingly,

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Re: Gabions without compacted sub-base?

by stoneyboy » Mon Aug 24, 2020 10:09 pm

Hi unnaturaldisaster
If you have laid 75-100mm of ballast you could probably get away with digging in cement into the ballast and then compacting it. Only the person preparing the trench can decide whether the subsoil is stable enough.
Regards S

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