Garage door wiring
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Garage door wiring

by scoobysnax1 » Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:44 am

Hi all, I hope someone can assist me, as I've got myself into a right fix with this one.

My Dad passed away 3 years ago, and I need help in trying to figure out how he supplied power to the garage to operate the 'up and over' door. Several weeks ago, my Mum was getting Central Heating installed, and in our preparations for the installation, I cut what I now believe was the wire that supplied power to the garage door. At the time, Mum thought it just supplied power to alarms that Dad had installed on the garden sheds in case of burglary. However, on trying to open the garage door last weekend, I found that there was no power. A mains socket and small plug-in light inside one of the sheds (which I believe is powered from the same wire that I cut) were also no longer working.

Now my predicament, I can't remember how the wiring was connected up before I cut it. The wire that I cut is 2-core, and is the solid type of wire rather than that being made up of strands. It runs from Mum's bedroom (where I cut it), into the upstairs landing, out of the house and across to the garage.

Now, this is where things get muddled (as if it weren't bad enough already!). Inside a bedside cabinet in Mum's room, there was an old Hornby Train set transformer which I know for certain had wires attached to it, but i don't recall which ones. There was also a small 'Piezzo' (I think that's the name for it) type buzzer that provided the audible shed alarm. I seem to recall a memory of 2 separate cables being fitted into the same wall plug, one of which only had 2 wires, but I could be wrong. The transformer has 3 wires (red, blue, black), and as I mentioned earlier, the cut cable leading to the garage has only 2 wires (both of which are wrapped in white insulation). I have included a pic of the transformer in the hope that it helps.

Now I know this is a big ask, but any ideas on how this wiring might have been set up (if indeed the transformer WAS used) would be very gratefully received. By the way, the shed alarms are no longer required, just the Garage door power supply.

Many thanks, Scoobysnax1.


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by kbrownie » Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:22 pm

Sounds a complicated carry on, I'll give you some really good advise, call an electrician that is registered on the domestic installers scheme.
They are few requirements for outdoor electrical installations that need to be done correctly and either notified to building control or installed by a registered electrician.
It's a legal requirement, it should be a simple fix but the method it has been installed leaves something to be desired.
Your father may have connected it up before the part p came in to being, but for safety reasons i'd have it checked out. Look at project pages on part p for an insight of the law as it stand now.

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