Garage Refurb With Considerable Issues
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Garage Refurb With Considerable Issues

Post by r0wly86 » Fri Feb 17, 2023 12:01 pm

Hi all, new to the forum but could do with some advice on our garage.

It was built in the 1950s at the same time as the house, and as far as I can see has never had any work done to it to keep it looking decent.

It is constructed from concrete posts with I believe steel horizontal panels making up the walls, corrugated steel sheets for the roof, and an aluminium up and over door.

The issues are the quite considerable:

some of the steel panels have slipped so there are now gaps between the panels

The concrete posts have started to degrade, some to the point of showing the steel reinforcement

the door mechanism is knackered, it will lift up, but not happily, the locking mechanism is shot (using a padlock and bolt lock to replace)

The door has large gaps showing between the opening.

And the roof is also not fitting properly.

Really the only thing going for it is the concrete foundation which is deep and in very good condition.

So it is letting in all the weather, and isn't secure, and looks terrible, not really a good garage.

I was thinking of putting in a rubber roof, think this would be a fairly simple task and would make at least the roof watertight and secure.

Replacing the garage door would be simple enough, but worried perhaps that the structure has slipped making the opening a non-uniform shape, but I am sure this could be worked around.

The main issue I can see is the slipped panels, I can't see how they can be put back in place, how can I make them watertight. I thought about render, but will render work on steel? Ideally I would like to add insulation to the inside but no point in doing that if the outside is letting in water.

Also any ideas on patching up the concrete posts to make them look good.

Or would it just be cheaper and better to tear it down and start again

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Re: Garage Refurb With Considerable Issues

Post by stoneyboy » Sat Feb 18, 2023 10:15 pm

Hi r0wly86,
Knock it down and rebuild.
Regards S

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