Garden Railings and Getting Extension Signed off
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Garden Railings and Getting Extension Signed off

by Mpearce2000 » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:46 am


We completed a home extension last year and to get the building completion certificate we require to get the new patio area also signed off (which was built up to support the extension).

The original plan was always to complete the garden this year & use railings around the patio where we have retaining walls with a drop of c.800mm to the grass below. Building regs K states we need railings of over 1.1m to mitigate the risk of falling. We have c.10m of patio edge.

We understand this, and may eventually get railings but now we can see the completed development we really don't want 1.1m railings and wondered if any one had any suggestions on how to get the house signed off without the need for such large railings.
Any thoughts welcome?