Gauge to Measure Amount of Hot Water in a Hot Water Cyclinder?
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Gauge to Measure Amount of Hot Water in a Hot Water Cyclinder?

by Spurano » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:40 am

Hi there.

Quick bit of advice. Is it possible to retrofit something that will measure the amount of hot water in your hot water cylinder?? We had it fitted about two years ago and is covered entirely in a turquoise green insulating foam. It's impossible to tell how much hot water there is, so judging whether we need to turn it on for showers is impossible - money down the drain potentially if we turn the immersion heater on when there is already enough hot water in it.

We're installing a new bathroom suite soon. We're torn between putting in an electric shower (floors will need to come up to connect to mains circuit board and will be expensive to run - 3 or four times the price of an immersion heater someone told me?) or just a standard shower off the existing hot water cylinder. If there was something that would tell us how much hot water we had, we'd probably scrap the idea of an electric shower.

Any thought? Does such a thing exist?


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