General Work Quality of Beauty Salon Refurb
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General Work Quality of Beauty Salon Refurb

by ctosler2342 » Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:08 pm

Hello. I have a beauty salon that's opening in a few weeks. I'm concerned about the quality of some of the work the current builders have performed, and I'm wondering if a builder here would be able to tell me if three specific items pertaining to ceramic tiling installation, plumbing and ceiling installation are in fact problems? I appreciate any guidance and thanks in advance as it will determine the amount of DIY I have to undertake.

1) The builder did not level the ceiling. The molding is now crooked compared to some of the window frames and it looks less than ideal (also considering we use sections of wood wall paneling throughout which makes the crookedness even more apparent). When I hired a builder to do the floor, the walls, the ceiling, plumbing, electrical, etc. Is it reasonable to have expected them to level the ceiling even though it's an old space and some parts are inherently going to be crooked?

2) I hired the same builder to install plumbing throughout the shop—which includes 5 pedicure benches, 3 utility sinks, and a bar area. Despite being hired 2.5 months ago, he just told me now that the boiler does not work—a couple weeks before planned opening and while I’m at the end of my budget. Firstly, how much of an issue can I make of it that the builder didn’t check the system far in advance of now, and secondly, is the boiler his responsibility (we agreed to him handling plumbing and this is for a £20K+ full shop fitting renovation), or mine? Of course I should’ve thought to check when I signed the lease, but lesson learned.

3) Lastly, the builder was hired to build two separate raised platforms on the main floor to support raised benches and work areas for pedicure services. The agreement was to use the same faux-marble ceramic tiling as the floor itself so that it’s just essentially a raised step. We did not discuss the builders use of metal tile trim along the edges of the raised platforms—sort of to cap the corners of the ceramic. I’m concerned this is clearly cutting corners and it is not aesthetically favorable. Considering no discussion or agreement we had mentioned the use of trim, can I insist he redo it? This is for a £20K+ full shop fitting renovation after all. Also, his tile work is rather sloppy and there are significant chips along the cut lines too.

Much thanks for any insight!

- Cathy

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