Good Guide to Timber Extension Building?
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Good Guide to Timber Extension Building?

by kevster67 » Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:00 pm

Hi all,
I'm looking to construct a timber-frame external wall to replace an existing part-brick wall.

Situtation: like most things in my house, a flat-roofed side extension to my house is a massive bodge (e.g. cavity wall was filled with wet sand, damp soil piled up against bricks such that dpc is 3ft below ground, etc). It is constructed from waist-high brick wall with top half made entirely of windows (2m x 7m side extension with roof entirey supported on the rotten wooden windows). The roof and floor are fine. I figure it is worth cutting losses and knock out the wall and windows (after proping up the roof) and replace with a timber frame wall with proper insulation and a sensible amount of windows (uPVC).

Could anyone steer me towards a good guide on single-story timber frame (studwork) extension building? I'm good at general DIY, but would like a guide that includes the general stuff that needs to be done right....e.g. how do you fix a timber frame down to the dpc (or is a layer of bricks needed in between), etc.

Any help and suggestions greatly appreciated.

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