Gravel front garden to use for a driveway
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Gravel front garden to use for a driveway

by legepe » Tue Mar 16, 2021 9:22 am

Hi there everyone...
Im looking to gravel the front garden 66sqm to use as a drive (pics attached) and was thinking of using a type one base ie crushed cement or type one MOT, then using a mid dark stone for capping (4" base and 2" top)
Take down four trees along side as I beleive i will encounter problems with roots when digging out.. ive inspected and see no signs of bird nesting
Just a couple of questions
Is type 1 correct for this, or should I use something that would let water drain though and if so what?
Can anyone tell me what is the best stone for the top?
Any advice very welcome

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