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greenhouse base

by paulz » Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:09 am

We want to move our greenhouse [8' x 6', glass].

It's on a metal i frame [[i]think capital [b]I[/b] in a serif font[/i]], , but nothing under that.
Would we need footings or something else below? Could we use concrete gravelboards as a quicker option?

I had thought of about laying 3 courses of bricks to raise the inside a bit. Is this worthwhile? How would I work out how many bricks I need, I guess there's a formula for this?

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by kbrownie » Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:07 am

your on the wrong forum, should be on building for a better response.
But i'd be putting some form of footing down to support the frame of G/house if not a 6.6x8.6ft slab. Ideally about 4" deep. Dig out about 8" deepth.
Then some form work around edges 18mm ply to support slab.
4" of hardcore then moisture barrier(polythene sheet) over that then pour concrete.
A little over top, but you can do the same for footing by just digging out a trench around edge where G/House will sit about 8" wide and again ply, hardcore , moisture barrier and pour.

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