Have I Got Anything to Worry About With Slow Architect?
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Have I Got Anything to Worry About With Slow Architect?

Post by bradfrankshaw » Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:06 pm

Hi there - we've never had anything built before so we have no experience in building or architects but my inlaws do - their view is no, this stuff happens with architects. I have also spoken to a few people at work and the results are mixed. Searching online hasn't helped.

Basically we commissioned an architect last November for a 2 storey extension to our semi-detached property. It's a fairly big addition plus update to internal parts of the existing house and a porch. We were looking to start building this Summer but most of the architects in our area were booked up until March '16 so we went with this firm who were free Nov '15.

We were told there are several unique stages - measurement, initial draft plans (cycle until we're happy), more detailed plans for submission to Planning/Planning itself (cycle until Planning is passed), further detailed building regulation plans for the builders and finally build itself. All ok so far?

It is August 2016 and we have unsure if the plans have even gone for Planning consent.

Now my alarm bells have been ringing for ages but we've been told Architects are like submarines in that they pop up for a quick blast of info then dive deep for months only to pop up unexpectedly. Is it unusual for an architect NOT to keep you informed of what is happening with your project?

The survey was done 21st Jan;
Initial 4 x draft plans were supplied 15th March;
Meeting approx 4th May to discuss Draft plans;
Arrangement for meeting for edits to draft 24th May (missed);
Re-arrangement for Draft plans meeting 1st June to discuss draft changes;
New draft received 14th June
Advised Architect to proceed with new draft 1st Jul

Since then nothing. Not even a "Great that you love latest draft, I'm off to get everything else ready."

Is this normal? Is this submarine like activity what architects do? I'm getting mixed messages. The company is still running but now our build is going to be put off until next year because planning can take up to 2 months and who knows how long between that and the next plans and then get builders involved... by that time Winter will be here...

I knew it would take a while ... but this long? Please tell me if I am being unreasonable and put my worries in check.


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Re: Have I Got Anything to Worry About With Slow Architect?

Post by JohnD2 » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:48 pm

Yes, we started with our architect at the same time as you, we needed planning, building regs, themes water, structural engineer, and party wall. We also had to go through a tender process which involved getting 6 builders to come and look and quote.
We are starting on site either next week or the week after.
Ours keep explaining the process and most of it has been waiting for things, eg two months for planning

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