Heavy projector on domestic suspended ceiling
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Heavy projector on domestic suspended ceiling

by Sandtree » Mon Apr 20, 2020 12:17 pm

Hi all

We have a 2005 purpose built flat which has a suspended plasterboard ceiling on an aluminium track system and a circa 16" void before the structural ceiling above it (looks like galvanised corrugated steel).

I want to put a fairly heavy projector (circa 16kg inc mount) up on/by the ceiling and right by the side wall (dot & dab plaster on some structural blockwork).

How would be best to do this? The fall back option is to put a shelf on the side wall and simply stand the projector on it but this would be the ugliest implementation. I assume this is far too heavy to be supported by the suspended ceiling alone?

I was wondering if it wouldn't be possible to cut a hole in the ceiling, use brackets on the side wall in the void and then have a board connected to these flush with the ceiling to which to mount the projector?

If this idea works, how do I tell if a bracket is suitable for use above/in suspension rather than under/in compression the shelf? What thickness should the board be to support 16kg via 4 screws?

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