HELP !!! Advise needed on Laminate disaster !
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HELP !!! Advise needed on Laminate disaster !

by zogar75 » Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:35 am

I really hope someone can offer me some good advise please.....sorry for the long wnded post but I'd be so grateful if someone could help.

We've recently had a company round to us to lay some laminate flooring on top of existing old pine floors in 2 rooms and on top of a concrete hallway.
We iniatially had problems from day one with the 'lad' turning up , doing half hours work and then saying the underlay was out of stock and then the laminate floor was held up in France !!! To list just a few !

I know absolutely nothing about floors but these are the problems i can see so far.

1. one board has a triangle shape on it that is pure white so its basically faulty and yet it was still laid.
2. the ' lad' couldn't get the beading to stick near my hearth so he used nails and left one sticking out and the others showing/splitting the laminate.
3. the floor bounces back in places when you step on it for example by the front door and around the edges.( no beading has been used as we are having skirting boards and new door frames fitted)
4. he used my garden slabs as a weight to keep the beading round the front door down and glue is visable !
5. in certain places the floor now creeks when you step on it !

The boss of the company has agreed that the job hasn't been done properly and promised to send someone more experienced round to fix it but the ' lad' turned up again a few days later ( embarrassing for him and me ) so we had to send him away ! We are now waiting for someone else but my concern is that there may be more underlying problems that will rear their ugly heads later on.

Do I allow this company to put the job right and how will I know that they have done it right next time round ?

Is there anyone out there that I can contact who will look at the work done and let me know what else is wrong...someone like Trading standards or someone else?

We have so far only paid for half of the work and obviously we won't pay the company until its resolved.

Also should they have used the same underlay for the concrete and the existing wood flooring ? It was like a carpet underlay with a silver foil top covering.

I just need to arm myself with some knowledge !!! HELP SOMEONE !!!

Many thanks


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by bd3cc » Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:52 pm

You are right, don't pay the balance until you are satisfied.
The underlay sounds good to me, but insist on an experienced fitter with the lad to sort any problems.
If they cannot rectify the problem, notify them in writing that you intend to employ someone who can, and charge them anything over the 50% that you are holding and if they do not agree tell them that you will go to the small claims court.

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